ARO Logo

ARO car logo

ARO is a Romanian automobile manufacturer that has been in operation since 1957. The company’s logo has evolved over the years to reflect changes in the brand’s identity and product line.

The original ARO logo featured the company name in bold, capital letters, with the letter “O” stylized to resemble a tire. This design was simple and straightforward, reflecting the company’s early focus on producing off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment.

In the 1970s, ARO began to expand its product line to include commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The company’s logo was updated to reflect this new direction, with the word “ARO” now accompanied by a stylized image of a mountain and a stream. This design emphasized the company’s rugged, outdoorsy image and its commitment to building durable vehicles that could handle rough terrain.

In the 1990s, ARO was privatized and began to focus on producing more modern, streamlined vehicles for the European market. The company’s logo was once again updated to reflect this new direction, with the mountain and stream motif replaced by a stylized “A” symbol in metallic blue. This design emphasized the company’s technological innovation and its commitment to producing high-quality vehicles for the 21st century.

Today, ARO’s logo continues to evolve as the company embraces new technologies and expands its product line. However, the company’s long history of producing durable, dependable vehicles remains a key part of its identity, and this legacy is reflected in the design of its logo.

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